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Before registering for your event, please read the Sunflower State Games General Rules, Refund Policy and Frequently Asked Questions.

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Capitol Federal Natatorium at Hummer Sports Park:
Check-in: 8:00 a.m.
Warm-ups: 8:30 a.m.
Events: 9:15 a.m.
$35 per person. Maximum of 5 individual events.
By registering for this event all participants agree to the Sunflower State Games NO refund policy.
Online registration will open March 1st. For mail-in registration, download and print forms from the right column of this page. Online registration is strongly encouraged.
Saturday, July 7th. NO LATE ENTRIES.
Richard Allen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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1 100 IM (all ages) 2
3 100 Free (all ages) 4
5 50 Breast (all ages) 6
7 100 Back (11-80+) 8
9 50 Fly (all ages) 10
11 200 IM (11-80+) 12
13 50 Free (all ages) 14
15 100 Breast (11-80+) 16
17 50 Back (all ages) 18
19 200 Free (all ages) 20
21 100 Fly (11-80+) 22
23  200 (4 x 50) Free Relay (all ages) 24
25  500 Free (all ages) 26
10 & Under 10 & Under
11-12 11-12
13-14 13-14
15-18 15-18
19-24 19-24
25-29 25-29
30-34 30-34
35-39 35-39
40-44 40-44
45-49 45-49
50-54 50-54
55-59 55-59
60-64 60-64
65-69 65-69
70-74 70-74
75-79 75-79
80+ 80+


  • This is a USAS and USMS approved meet. All USAS and USMS rules apply.
  • Deck changes are prohibited.
  • Use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms, or locker rooms.
  • Operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas, and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials, and/or spectators are present.
  • Flyover starts will be used as necessary to ensure that meet sessions are completed in a timely manner.
  • All events will be timed electronically. In addition, there will be backup timers.
  • The pool is a 25 yard pool.
  • The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C(4). A copy of this certification is on file with USA Swimming.
  • Pool depth at the start end of the pool is thirteen (13) feet. Pool depth at the turn end of the pool is five (5) feet.
  • This competition is approved for USA Swimming and United States Masters Swimming times reporting.
  • In granting this approval it is understood and agreed that USA Swimming shall be free from any liabilities or claims for damages arising by reason of injuries to anyone during the conduct of the event.
  • The competition will be run in the event order as indicated above, youngest to oldest, women then men.
  • Swimmer's age on the day of the meet shall determine the swimmer's age for competition.
  • Awards: custom cast Sunflower State Games gold, silver, and bronze medals with Olympic-style neck ribbons. Ribbons for 4th - 8th place. Medals and ribbons must be picked up at the event and will not be mailed after the competition.
  • All swimmers are welcome: Recreational, High School, Club, and Masters

200 (4 x 50) Free Relay:

Please note that the 200 Free Relay WILL NOT count as one of your 5 registered events. It is expected that swimmers will build their own relay teams. Complete relay team rosters will sign up the morning of the meet on site with the Administrative Official. You must be registered and competing in individual events in order to sign up for a relay. Athletes who wish to swim on a relay team and who are not on a team, need to sign up the morning of the meet on site with the Relay Registrar and we will try to place you on a team. All ages will compete together in the relay. Teams can consist of all ages and genders.


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