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DATE:  July 16-17, 2022

SITE:  Sunflower Soccer Association 4829 NW 17th St., Topeka, KS  66618 Click here for directions.  Venue map and field locations will be posted when schedules are finalized after the registration deadline. 

TIME:  Schedule will be posted online approximately five days prior to the tournament.

FEE:  $235 per team for 6 v 6.  $150 per team for 3 v 3

REGISTRATION:  Registration opens March 1st.  Online registration only.  Registrations may only be submitted by the Head Coach or Team Captain.  Payment must be made in full via credit card at time of registration.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE:  Friday, July 9th at 6pm.  Registration deadline will NOT be extended.  NO LATE ENTRIES.

ROSTER/WAIVER DEADLINE:  Wednesday, July 13th at 6pm.  Must be submitted online using the Team Portal.  Please review the Team Rosters & Waivers section below for more information. 

T-SHIRTS:  Commemorative t-shirts will be distributed to teams who register prior to the posted deadline.

LODGING:  Click here to make your reservation now with one of our partner hotels.

COMMISSIONER:   Dave Marshall    785-233-9700

Please Note: By registering for this event, all participants and teams agree to the Sunflower State Games No Refund Policy and all posted rules and policies. Click here for more information.



  • 6 v 6: High School, Adult Open, 30+
  • 3 v 3: U6, U7, U8, U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14
  • Male and Female divisions for each category listed above
  • Competitive and Recreational for each category listed above
  • Please register for the age group that your team will be playing in the Fall of 2021.
  • All participants in the High School division must be enrolled in High School for the Fall of 2021. High School graduates are not allowed to participate in the High School division.
  • If there are not enough teams in a particular age division, teams will be placed up a division. 

TEAM ROSTERS & WAIVERS:  Please read this section carefully regarding our policy and procedure for completing your team rosters and waivers online using the Team Portal. Team rosters may only be submitted online via the Team Portal as paper forms no longer exist. After your registration has been processed, you will be directed to your Team Portal. There you will use the Team Portal to invite participants to join your roster. ALL PARTICIPANTS ON YOUR TEAM MUST JOIN YOUR ROSTER USING THE TEAM PORTAL - NO EXCEPTIONS. Team rosters MUST be completed online using the Team Portal by 6pm on Wednesday, July 14th. Rosters will be frozen at this time. Failure to meet the team roster deadline will result in your team being pulled from the competition with no refund.  By registering for this event, all teams agree to follow the Roster & Waiver submission policies and procedures. 6 v 6 roster limit is 10. 3 v 3 roster limit is 6.


  • Three game guarantee.
  • Pools will be randomly assigned after all entries are received. Pool play competition with pool winners advancing to single elimination championship if championship game is needed. Example, 5 team pools will not have a championship game.
  • Tiebreakers: 1) Winning Percentage. 2) Head To Head. 3) Total Point Differential. 4) Total Points Against.
  • If you are coaching more than one team, please inform our staff and we will make every effort, but no guarantee to schedule games so that you can coach each of your teams.
  • Coaches are required to have proof of age & residency for each player on their team. Player cards are not required, however birth cert. or player cards must be in the coaches possession at all times for the duration of the tournament. Ineligible players will not be tolerated.
  • If a player is found to be ineligible, the coach & player will be disqualified for the remainder of the tournament and all preceding games will be forfeited. Click here for protest policy.
  • If you are coaching more than one team in the same division, please specify which team is A or B.
  • Tiebreaker Rules: 1) Head to Head. 2) The greater goal difference with a maximum of three per game. 3) Least goals allowed. 4) Teams shall take kicks from the penalty mark, as per FIFA Laws of the Game, until a winner is declared.
  • Please be prepared for the heat. Bring adequate water and shade for your team.
  • Please follow the complex rules set by Sunflower Soccer Association: 1) No dogs or pets are allowed. 2) The complex is a tobacco and alcohol free environment. 3) All patrons must clean up after themselves and properly dispose of all trash.


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