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TCG Indoor Soccer

April 21st & April 22nd, 2018
SportZone: 3907 SW Burlingame, Topeka, KS 66609
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The schedule will be posted on Friday, April 13th
2017 Indoor Soccer Champs


  • Play will not be gender specific. Teams may consist of any number of males/females making up 5 on-field players and up to 5 bench players.
  • Businesses will determine which employees may compete in each sport. A maximum of 10 people can be on the lineup card for each game. Your lineup card can change from game to game with no restrictions. However, once a game has started, your lineup card is locked in and players may not be added.
  • USISA rules apply, except as modified herein.
  • If registration numbers are condusive, each team will play 3 pool play games. The top 2 teams from pool play will advance to a championship game.
  • The duration of the game will be two 20 minute halves with a five minute halftime. Two 15 minute halves may be utilized depending on the number of registrations.
  • The referee may at his/her discretion eject a player or coach/manager for fighting and may determine the match a forfeit by the offending team. Teams agree to follow these regulations and guidelines by registering for the event.
  • Game balls will be provided, please bring your own warm-up balls.
  • Teams must have one set of same-colored jerseys with numbers on either the front or back. Goalkeepers jersey must differ from other players on the field and referee.
  • Tie Breakers: Head to Head, Total Point Differential, Total Points allowed, total points scored.
  • Champions Banner awarded to the first place team.
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